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Thermocouples are used for measuring, controlling and monitoring temperatures. They are especially well suited for measuring high temperatures and therefore have been integrated into our heating element design as a proven means for reliable and economic temperature monitoring. Furthermore, thermocouples have a long service life and allow precise temperature measurement from a safe distance. Modifications to the thermocouple can be made according to specification. And linking to a PID controller is also possible upon request. Do not hesitate to ask us!
Customized Installation of Thermocouples
Our many years of experience in the fields of construction and electrical engineering have provided 
us with a great deal of know-how for the installation of thermocouples in a variety of settings and 
applications. Thermocouples can be placed either in the heating element device itself or in the 
commodity article to be heated. For this purpose, a drill hole or a groove is included in the heating 
At temperatures < 500 °C, thermocouples can be soldered in as well. Thermocouples are inserted 
into the outer surface of the heating element. They are then bent according to the permissible 
bending radius specification so that they point outwards. Here the measured data can be used directly for control purposes or can be read off the measuring instrument.