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Extruded Vacuum Chambers |   Extruded Vacuum Chamber 


Extruded chambers are typically used for long chamber applications. However, intricate internal and external shapes can be economically added to other chamber types. Many synchrotrons require multiple chamber sections, each measuring between 4 to 8 meters in length. Extruded aluminum fabrication is ideal and has been used for these applications, because of cost and aluminum’s ability to handle high heat loads and its resistance to photo-desorption of surface gases.

Atlas Technologies is the world leader in aluminum vacuum chamber engineering and manufacturing. With over 30 years experience in cutting-edge vacuum product design, we pride ourselves in providing the world's finest and most advanced UHV aluminum chamber technology. Atlas' aluminum vacuum chamber production techniques (Chamber Configurations) can be broken down into five basic categories:
  • Plate-to-Plate Chambers
  • Cylindrical Chambers
  • Formed Chambers
  • Monocoque Chambers
  • Extruded Chambers
We build custom aluminum vacuum chambers employing these configurations, or combinations thereof. We also manufacture and supply a wide range of aluminum vacuum components and accessory hardware to complement our aluminum vacuum chamber products offering. Bimetallic Atlas CF™ flanges and ATCR™ fittings, solid aluminum tube fittings as well as viewports are available. Contact our sales department for more information on these and other Atlas products.