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ISO ALuminum Flanges |   Aluminum ISO Quick-Release Flanges 


Atlas Technologies' all aluminum ISO Quick-Release Flanges are precision machined High Vacuum (HV) compatible components that offer superior vacuum performance in what has traditionally been a stainless steel market. These weldable flanges are manufactured to exceed High Vacuum standards, designed to ISO 2861/1 flange specifications... and are compatible with existing third party ISO flanges and components.

Atlas understands aluminum vacuum and we designed our all aluminum ISO Quick-Release flanges to facilitate welding and vacuum performance. The weld neck portion of our weld neck line is thicker than stainless ISO Quick-Release flanges and other aluminum ISO’s copied from stainless models. Additionally, our ISO Quick-Release flanges have generous weld preps to assist welding and improve vacuum integrity. 

Atlas Technologies’ all aluminum ISO Quick-Release Flanges are ideally suited for high vacuum applications in semiconductor, magnetic, nuclear, medical, portable, aerospace and chemical resistance environments.