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In neutron applications like the production of radioisotopes for medical imaging, aluminum vessels fitted with our flanges are replacing all stainless steel UHV systems— because residual, neutron induced, radiation in aluminum has a half-life orders of magnitude shorter than that of stainless steel. Our flanges enable aluminum UHV system use in cyclotrons and nuclear reactors.

Atlas Neutron Windows are an integrated Atlas CF flange with 316L sealing surface with an aluminum window—all in one flange body with no welding or connections. Standard windows are made from 6061 T6 aluminum machined to the thickness that you desire. Atlas offers engineering finite element analysis to assure you of the mechanical strength required. Dual neutron windows can offer an internal cavity that can be differential pumped or filled with a gas and analyzed through an array of optical ports mounted around the rim of the flange. All flanges are vacuum tested to a leak rate of 1x10 -9 cc/sec of He prior to shipping.