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Mil-C-5015 |   Mil-C-5015 - 19PIN 



The MIL-C-5015 series is for measurement and control use and is rated to 500V 3 A compatible with the MIL-C-5015 plug. The MS series is offered from 4 pin to 48 pin.
Select flange size and type from NW / KF, ConFlat®, ISO-K, ISO-F and ASA.
Accessories are available, including vacuum side insulators (PEEK®), socket contacts, air side plugs, removal tools, and crimp tools.
We also manufacture custom-made products with quick delivery.
Select welding position, number of connectors, and size of cutom-made flanges.


Flange 304 Stainless steel
Shell Kovar®
Pings Kovar®
Insulation Alumina ceramic


Type Multipin MS
MIL-C-5015 19 PIN
Current: A Per Pins 3
Voltage: V max. DC 500
Max. Current all pins loaded 11.4
Insulation: ohm min. 109
Frequency: MHz DC or AC 10
Leak rate: 1.3*Pa m³/s 10-10
Temperature Range: ºC -196 to 300

NW / KF Flange

Multipin-Mil-C-5015-19PIN NW / KF Flange

Conflat Flange

Multipin-Mil-C-5015-19PIN Conflat Flange