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high voltage

30kV to 808A 1pin |   30kV to 808A 1 pin 


High Voltage and High Current

The High Voltage and High Current series is used for high power, heaters and lamps. Voltage is offered from 3 to 30kV DC, current is offered from 3 to 808 A.
Available conductor materials include oxygen-free copper, nickel-plated oxygen-free copper and stainless steel. Select the most suitable feedthrough from a wide variety of products.
Several types of conductor shape are offered, such as strait type, screw type for convenience, and the type compatible with silicon insulation plugs for safety.
Select flange size and type from NW / KF, ConFlat®, ISO-K, ISO-F and ASA.
Accessories are also available, including vacuum and air side socket contacts and silicon insulation plugs.
We also manufacture custom-made products with quick delivery.
Select welding position, number of connectors, and size of custom-made flanges.


Flange 304 Stainless steel
Adapter 304 Stainless steel
Conductor See Table
Insulation Alumina ceramic


Type Feedthrough
Connector 30kV / to 808 Amps
Voltage: V max. DC 5,000
Current: A Per Pins to 808
Insulation: ohm min. 109
Leak rate: 1.3*Pa m³/s 10-10
Temperature Range: ºC -196 to 300

NW / KF Flange

30kV-to-808A-1-pin NW / KF Flange

Conflat Flange

30kV-to-808A-1-pin Conflat Flange